Our Mission

Get Your Buying Power Back.

When your credit scores are, low getting approved for a home or qualifying for a loan can be frustrating. If you are approved, it is likely that the interest rates will be extremely high. That is why our mission is to help you get your scores where they need to be to avoid being denied for a loan or receiving high internet rates.

Dispute Letters.


Most companies send out dispute letters. Dispute letters are generic pre-written letters that are in no way custom tailored. Unfortunately, this is what most companies do and it is not enough to get negative or inaccurate items deleted permanently.

Our investigative research to alongside our in house law firm will AUDIT creditors during our 4 round customized process. This is why WJA is able to achieve the results that they do and also why other companies fall short.


The 1-on-1 Guarantee.


Steve will be your direct contact throughout the entire 4 round audit process. With the help of the in house law firm and an entire research and processing department, Steve will be able to assure that you get the results that you need.


What is the cost?


Our service is affordable. However, Steve will first need to review a tri-merge credit report to make sure that you are a fit for a program and that we will be able to help you. After diagnosing your credit report, Steve will be able to give you a cost for the service during the free consultation. Everyone has different credit issues and the cost will depend on how much work will be involved from our in house law firm, as well as the research and processing department.