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Our process is very different from Lexington Law, and that benefits our clients in a huge way. Here are a few reasons how.

Lexington Law Credit Repair vs. White, Jacobs & Associates

White, Jacobs & Associates (“WJA”) has several noticeable differences when compared to companies such as Lexington Law and Sky Blue.

When you add it all up no one else can compete with our level of expertise. We have two licensed and professional attorneys, decades of experience, and an approach to audits that separates us from all other competition. Our resume speaks for itself and that is why we are able to help clients achieve their goals by ultimately improving their credit situation.

Lexington Law  vs. White, Jacobs & Associates (“WJA”)

There is no disputing the fact that Lexington Law has their name in just about every corner of the internet possible. Searching for a credit repair solution online will almost always land you to their website. Their price is very appealing and many people decide to move forward with them for that reason alone. The problem is that they are more focused on marketing than helping their clients achieve results.

A quick internet search for “Lexington Law Complaints” will quickly help anyone considering their service to seek an alternatives solution.

WJA helps helped thousands of clients that were previous customers of Lexington Law. Lexington Law is able to provide their clients with deletions on their credit reports. However, the majority of their clients quickly find the same items reappearing back on their reports in just a matter of a few months.

White, Jacobs & Associates (“WJA”) will do everything in their power to assure clients that any deleted items will remain permanently deleted.

Lexington Law? Do They Really Work?

The short answer in no. This information is based off of what our clients tell us and by reading reviews all over the internet about Lexington Law. The majority of our clients cases are time sensitive and after wasting time and money with Lexington Law, they are now forced to push the goal timelines back further than expected. The main reason for this is that companies such as Lexington Law are sending out automated disputes that anyone can do on their own. WJA takes a much different approach through several rounds of audits directly with the three credit bureaus.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars online to capture new clients, WJA relies heavily on word-of-mouth reviews. Thousands of our clients who have witnessed their scores greatly increase by having tax liens – judgments – collections – and charge-offs removed. Upon completion of our program our clients scores allow them eligibility to qualify for a mortgage. Helping our clients achieve their goals is what keeps WJA employees working around the clock. You can read what our clients say about us by going to any of the following links.

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We are a referral-based organization where the focus is on YOU and YOU alone.

Attorney Involvement

Based on our research more then 95% of credit repair companies do not directly work with any practicing attorneys. It is true Lexington Law was founded and is owned by attorneys, however, they are no longer licensed to practice. They do not customize any of their material when sending out audits or disputes. Cases and credit problems are going to vary immensely from one client to another. Each audit and dispute needs to be custom tailored to suit your credit issues and that is exactly what WJA is able to offer.

Lexington Law limits the amount of “dispute letters” sent out. This can end up causing you to stay with their program for years until the desired results are achieved. Quite frankly, our clients do not have that kind of time to waste and neither do you.

White Jacob’s attorneys on staff are involved with every aspect of the audits/demand letters sent to all 3 credit bureaus, original creditors, and all third-party collection agencies that are holding you back from achieving your goals. Our disputes and audits are crafted to use federal consumer protection laws that exist to protect consumers. (FCRA, FDCPA, FCBA, HIPAA, etc.).

The bottom line is that WJA guarantees that deleted items remain deleted or we will continue to fight to make sure that happens. No other company will continue to work on your file without demanding additional money from you. If a deleted item returns WJA and its’ attorneys will fight it immediately at no charge in order to restore their removal from your credit report.

Lexington Law’s Program Length Vs. WJA

Lexington Law’s program length has no time limit. Their clients typically end up paying for their service for several years. Dragging out the credit repair process not only holds people back from their goals, it also ends up costing several thousands of dollars.

WJA’s program lasts for a maximum of 180 days. If additional work still needs to be done, which is rare, there will be no additional charges to their clients. Most clients at WJA end up seeing results in as little as 30-45 days with the majority of clients achieving their goal within 120 days. WJA is fully compliant with FTC standards and Chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code, limiting work on a consumer’s credit to no more than 6 months.

White, Jacobs & Associates – Mortgage Lender Relationships

White Jacobs & Associates works hand-in-hand with trusted mortgage professionals, loan officers, realtors, CPAs, and financial planners across the country, establishing personal relationships. These relationships will be passed on to their clients in order to expedite the process of getting loan approval.